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Rolling 12 months using flag but only want to show YTD

Hi all

 I am trying to create a YOY comparison chart in qlik showing a rolling 12 month average,  I have set up rolling 12 month flag but when I use it I get all months filled in and cant limit to that financial year in the set as restricts the rolling 12 months:

=Num((Count({<[Client]={'Fred'},Post={'Full Duties'},[Disch ind]={'Y'},R24M_Flag={'1'},R12M_Flag={'0'},>}[patid]))


(Count({<[Client]={'Fred'},[Disch ind]={'Y'},PTSFLAG={'0'},FiscalYear=,R12M_Flag={'0'},R24M_Flag={'1'},}[patid])),'##0.0%')

 I have put a picture below on what I am trying to achieve.


Any help would be appreciated.


Many thanks




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Would you be able to share a sample to see what you have to help you better?