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Rolling Averages

Hi folks,

I'm fairly new to Qlik and was assigned a few tasks given some usage data of a certain program here at my company.

Here's my assignment:

1. I would like to show the % of each "role" who have logged in last 7, 14, 21, or 28 days

2. And cumulative time per week for a rolling 4 week time frame…so on average for the last 4 weeks how many minutes is an Manager spending logged into this tool.

Now, I've gone through and just mocked up some data but the core principles should remain the same (I'm hoping).

I've attached the qvw I'm working on, and I'll throw in the excel as well.

This one has really stumped me so far. I guess my general unfamiliarity with some more advanced functions is not helping my cause!

Will very much appreciate any advice!



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Hi Lior,

That certainly gets me going in the right direction for the rolling averages, so thank you.

Any idea on how to manage that time-based query for the % usage?