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Row number pivot table as a index

 Hi guys,

I have a pivot table with 4 dimensions, and I already have the sort columns ok. Now I need to put one more dimension with the number of a row of the table. When I inserted the rowno(TOTAL) and aggregated by the four dimensions, I have the row number but sorted by my sort expression already created, but I need the row number column only show the number of rows in sequence and not change the sort in the table, it's possible?

So I need to one column with the row number in sequence without change ordination of another columns


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Specialist II
Specialist II

In the below example Rowno 1 is for  (A ,P1 ,PP2 ) now if the sorting order changes and the first row becomes (A ,P1 ,PP3 )  do you still want to maintain the Rowno (2 or 3) for this new sorting oder change  ?  


First of all, thank you for your answer

No, independent of the other sorting by other columns, I want to keep the first column like an index, only showing the number of rows sequentially. In your example where the first row now is (A, P1, PP3) the Rowno should be 1 because the Rowno just shows the row number.


I think in order to get further responses on this one, it may be necessary to attach a sample QVW file with the data model and some data, so folks can see everything that is going on and how you are getting to where you are, as I am a little perplexed at the moment myself.  Just need enough data to be able to play with things to see if we can get things to do what you want at that point.  

The only other thing I could give you is the link to the Design Blog area, you can search around there to see if you can find something that helps, that area is basically hundreds of how-to posts, but it can be a bit tricky finding things sometimes.


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