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Contributor III
Contributor III

Rows to Columns

Hi Sunny,

I am able to get the values in the front end already. But I need to achieve something for which, building this conversion in the script is important.

I have the following columns in a table:

Month             Price

-------              --------

Jan 2016           50

Feb 2016          60

Mar 2016          34

Jan 2016          65

Mar 2016           45

Jan 2015           87

Feb 2016           66




I need the month rows to become columns as below:

Jan 2016      Feb 2016        Mar 2016

------------      --------------        --------------

50                    60                 34

65                    66                  45

The data is being loaded from existing table. So it is a resident load.

I just need to achieve this.

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Contributor III
Contributor III

Sunny, thank you so much. This is working. Glad that I finally found it


Great, I am glad you finally found it.

I would suggest you to close your other thread as well. You can mark it as assumed answer, but do mark any helpful answers if you found any on the earlier thread.



Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

Hi sunny ,

in this case you have you have two fields , Month and Price .

I have same data but with many fields .

In that case how the code will work , in am facing issue .

can you help me out in this .


Would you be able to share a sample to show what you have?