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SBE limitations

Hi everyone,

we are trying to understand the possibility given by Qlikview Server and need some documentations in order to better understand what we can/can't do with our Small Business Edition (QVServer + 5 CALs).

The reason why i post this question is that many times, when encountering a problem, we don't even know if it doesn't work why we haven't correctly set one or more parameters or if it's due to our license configuration.

Thanks in advance!


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as far as I know these are the limitations of SBE:

QlikView Small Business Edition Server

This Server Edition is designed to be used in smaller deployments. The minimum order configuration for a

QlikView Server Small Business Edition is 5 Named Users CALs. The QlikView SBE Server has the following


• For use only with Named or Document Client Access Licenses

• Limited to 25 Named User CALs

• Limited to 100 Document CALs (added in QlikView version 9)

• Support for users using a Java, IE Plug-in or a Local Client

• Support for AJAX clients (added in QlikView version 9)

• Support for Mobile clients (QlikView for iPhone or QlikView Mobile Java Edition) (added in Qlik-

View version 9)

• No support for Additional servers

• No support for creating and sharing any objects (Bookmarks, Charts, List boxes etc) on the server

• Only supports Window Active Directory to handle security and access control



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i had already read this list in other tons of posts , and seems to be the only public information about SBE limitations.

I'm looking for a wider listing of features supported by Server through SBE and functions for which you need to improve your license configurations.



Hello Giovanni,

When it comes to questions about "Server limitations" or "what server would fit best my requirements" my first answer is always the same: check your actual needs and budget with your QlikTech partner or representative.

After that, it all depends on what do you want to do, how many users do you need and what type of licenses are you thinking of using. In the past there were limitations in regards to data volumes, but they don't apply now, you can move the same number of records in the SBE or the EE. Do you need Publisher? It's and additional license that is applicable on the EE, and not the SBE. Similar with clustering, sharing objects...

Going back to your original question, there are no differences in settings or configuration between licenses, other than the license itself (you cannot set up Publisher if you don't have a Enterprise Edition license, for example). Or said in different words, you can do the same with the different licenses of server in regards to documents, number of reports the users are able to see, Accesspoint configuration, etc. Actually, the Management Console is the same for both (EE and SBE).

Hope that helps.

Miguel Angel Baeyens

BI Consultant

Comex Grupo Ibérica

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1. go to QMC

2. User Document

2a. Documents CAL

2b. Number of CALs allocated to this Document: 1

2c. Assigned User : [Machine Name]\[Windows User Name]

2d. Click on Assign CAL

2e. Apply

ps : you have to create a windows user for each document CAL if you want to allow a document to be seen for only 1 user

hope this help

Contributor II
Contributor II

Hi Stefan,

I have a customer with SBE and 5 User CALs.
these 5 Users CALs are access all documents available in the server.
Today our customers wants to develop more QVWs but provide access to diferent companies's users. The users from company A cannot see the documents of company B and vice versa.

What do you think about this? What would be the best solution in this situation?

Thank you.