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Sales vs Budget

1.  I have created a budget table and a sales table.  I am joining these 2 tables so that I can compare sales vs budget.

Is there a way to create a straight table in QV to show the whole budget table (i.e. years 2014, 2015) even though there is no sales yet.  When I create a budget table it only shows current year.

2.  How do I show All Products that have a Budget even if there are no Sales for that month/year?


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can you load your sample data file?

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Hi Douglas

Qlikview by default will not show lines where the expressions return 0. I am guessing that your expression in the table is a sum of sales, so 14/15 data will not appear. To change this option, right click on the chart to bring up the properties, then to the presentation tab and uncheck "suppress zero values"

Let me know if this works for you,


Former Employee
Former Employee

I would not join the tables. If you do, QlikView will most likely sum the budget incorrectly, since the same budget dollar will appear on several sales transactions.

You should concatenate them instead. First rename all necessary keys so they match, e.g. BudgetYear and SalesYear should both be named "Year". SalesAmount and BudgetAmount can be kept in two separate fields. Or they can be merged into "Amount", but then you need to add

   'Budget' as Type, and

   'Actual' as Type,

to the two load statements.

Read more here:


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Much quicker processing/rendering of the chart using this approach also.

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hi Erica

this is good point for me also.