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SalesForce Connecter and CipherCloud

We have an application that is using Qlikview with SalesForce via the SalesForce Connector. We need to introduce CipherCloud into our application so that we can encrypt some sensitive data and it does not seem like we are able to redirect the Qlikview SlaesForce Connector to go through CipherCloud like some of our other tools are able to do that allow custom URLs. Is this something that is supported now through a configuration file or will a future version support a custom URL? If the latter, can you tell me when you expect this to be released?

BTW, the the uninitiated, CipherCloud is basically a proxy with encryption that allows us to store encrypted data in the cloud. This takes place transparently by our users going to our CipherCloud URL which procies the converation with SalesForce, encrypting and decrypting data as necessary. Apex Data Loader, Jutterbit Data Loader, Informatica SlaesForce Connector and workbench all allow a custom URL to support just this kind of set up.


Wayne Wilson

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