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Scatter chart Z axis (bubble size) pop up labels

Perhaps I am crazy but I did not find anything on this topic.

I have a scatter chart with Revenue on the X axis and Number of Customers on the Y Axis then Deal size to control the bubble size, Z Axis.

Everything looks great except when I hover over a data point I see the following

Dimension Label

Customers = 35

Revenue = $23,000

So I went to the Expressions tab and checked the Text as Pop-up option for the Average Deal Size expression

The result shows up as follows

Dimension Label

Customers = 35

Revenue = $23,000


The probelm I have is that the expression label is not showing for the Z axis, I've looked at the infomation on the presentation tab and nothing seems to address this. Does anybody have any tips on how I can get this to show correctly?


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I got the same problem....May be some one is looking for the same to relying to the legacy post...

Solved by doing this.

i have added fourth expression since the buble chart will take 3 expressions one for X-axis, second one for Y-Axis and Third is for Z-axis or Size.

4th one added to show the data in pop up when you hover.

1. Disable text as pop up for 3rd expression which is bubble size expression.

2. add the same extression with "Text/lable" infront of it.

                    'label text = ' & expression

3. Enable text as pop up for 4th expression.