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Script Execution Progress Window does not display

Recently, the Execution Progress window does not display when I do a reload of my model.  This is a recent development so I do not know if I inadvertently changed a setting,  Please help.

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It sounds like the reload window is opening off screen. Check the settings.ini file located here:


Remove all lines under the [WindowPos] section and restart QV.

This happens to me from time to time, typically when I undock my notebook after having the script window on one of my other monitors.

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Contributor III
Contributor III

In my case where it was showing the progress window but not showing updates in the progress window until load script completion, the restart of my Citrix machine resolved the matter.

Well it was actually a Remote Desktop Connection from the Citrix machine into a server but whichever, I guess something got tired of updating my screen via Citrix.

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Thanks so much!  Getting rid of the garbage was the ticket!!    !