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Select in field: select numerical range (Greater than x but smaller than x)



I would like to use "select in field" to create a button which filters a column for a specific range of financial data.  

For example filtering on a column (financial data) greater than 300 but smaller than 10000

Is it possible to do this with Select in field? 


I tried the above but it didn't work  Capture1.PNG



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Specialist III
Specialist III


You should use Slider for this--->New sheet object--->Slider/calendar object

Former Employee
Former Employee

You are on the right track, I think it is most likely a syntax thing in this case, but I stink at these things, so I am not sure what you are missing here.  You could try single or double quotes around things or maybe an = in the front of things, sorry I am not sure about this, but you can give these a try to see if it changes anything.  Someone else may see things as well and know and leave you another message too.


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Creator II
Creator II

You almost had it.