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Set Analysis with two functions


I have a Set Analysis where I want to only sum the values for the Max forecast submission. I have the expression below that doesnt work .

=sum({<ForecastDate={'$(=date(Max(ForecastDate)))'}>} Volume)

I dont know how to write the expression to get it to sum for only the Maximum forecast Submission which is stored as ForecastDate. I dont mind if I have to use a variable to get it to work. I have tried that as well but cant get the Set Analysis to work there either.

I am happy for any help!


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You're expression looks correct. If it doesn't work that could be because you misspelled a field name, Qlikview is case-sensitive wrt field names. Or ForecastDate contains strings instead of numeric dates causing max to fail to get the max date. If you need more help post a sample document that demonstrates the issue.

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It was the Date format. The date was displayed 2013-10-07 in list boxes etc but it was stored as 20131007.