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Show active customers by a single product type - whether they bought that type or not


I have a user that wants to tweek an existing table that shows the number of items purchased by a customer by a level of product type.

For example, for product type VIP's, we show the number of purchases by customer by VIP items.  

Dimensions : Clients, Niv 3 Top Vente

Measure : Sum( {<ORIGIN={'FACTURES'}, [NIV2 TOP VENTE] ={'VIP'}>} [volume])

Now, the user wants us to tweek the table to show all customers, by VIP items, with the number of purchases as the measure (even those customers who haven't purchased VIP items).  

I've tried the "show all values" option, but to no avail.  

I'm wondering if i could add a p() fonction into my set analysis of the measure.  

Any ideas ?

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