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Show all values of a dimension

Hi all,

I have read some questions about the topic but didn't solve the problem.

The thing is that i want to show in a table some values (expression) for each region (dimension) and it is required that all regions are shown, even if there are no values for that dimension. Is there a way to do so?

(Unchecking "Supress When Value Is Null" and checking "Show All Values" doesn't do the job in my case 😕 )

I remark that all the values in the dimension must be shown, even if there are no values for any expression.

Thanks for your help! Hope to be able to someone else soon.

Kind regards,


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Champion III
Champion III

Can you share some sample data and what you are expecting out of it?


Hi Lluis,

If it's a straight table you have try this.

1/ Add a new expression Avg({1}0)

2/ In the Presentation tab hide the column that has the above expression.

3/ Uncheck Suppress Zero-Values

Good luck


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Firt of all, thank you for your time and help.

I tried what you said and even that it helped, it is a pivot table. Nevertheless i have managed a "workaround" hiding the column with null values and minimizing the width (not the  best solution, but the best that i have).

I have added a picture to show it better. A context about the table (top to down and left to right:

     -First: dimension (AMS,EMEA,APJ) this are regions, and WW the partial sum. See the null space between values and partial sum.

     -Second: expressions (ActualQTD,Target, blank )

     -Third: dimension Products: i have 7 products and i need to show them all even if they have no values (as 6 and 7)

     -Forth: dimension (CSAT,DSAT,SNPS,Weight avg) statistic dimensions

The problem is:

Now it shows all the 7 products, but only if i dont supress the null values in the 1st dimension (region). I need to eliminate these null values but when i do it the rows 6 and 7 also disapear. Can not understand why. How could i do it?

Thank you again for you help,



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Thank you for your time and help,

I added the table as the data is confidential and saved in a remote server. I also added detailed information as the question was more generic. Hope it helps.

Regards Lluís.

Partner - Champion III
Partner - Champion III

In the dimensions tab, let Region (becomes 2nd) and Product (becomes 1st) change places. then you can Suppress Null values for dimension Region only. You may need to visually reorder your pivot table again...

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Hello Peter,

     Thanks for helping,

It is still not working. I added the picture so you can see it and check if this was what you meant. I also tried some different distributions but still didn't work out.