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Contributor III
Contributor III

Show daily movements between dates


This feels like something that should be straight forward, but I'm hitting a brick wall!

I have a pivot table.  I have a dimension which is a date.  I have an expression which gives me a count of something (so my result is a count of something across date) - all good.

So let's assume my pivot table looks like the below;

01/08/2022          02/08/2022          03/08/2022          04/08/2022

     100                           200                          250                           150

I want to show the daily movements on a new row as;

       -                               100                          150                          -100

I thought that there would be a simple way to do this in expression?!  

Any help appreciated! 

Thanks all 🙂

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Specialist II
Specialist II

@DataKnight1 Explain the logic behind your output.