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Contributor III
Contributor III

Sorting Order by Dimension in Bar chart - not working as expected

Hi All,  I have a requirement to freeze all the objects in a particular tab. While applying the freezing condition, the sort order is not working as expected in a bar chart. The bar chart as one dimension "Threshold" with Value = <10K, $10K - $100K, >100K, NULL and expression sum(Spend ). only for reporting_date filter the bar chart should change but for any other filters it should not change and has to be freezed. I used the below condition to freeze the object by referring the below link ->

Expression used:
sum({$<[Dimension1] = {'Value1'}, $(= '[' & Concat({1<$Field-={Reporting_date,[Dimension1]}>} $Field,']=,[') & ']=')>} Spend)

Expected: On any filter applied the sort order of Threshold should always remains the same like <10K, $10K - $100K, >100K, NULL

Issue: For reporting_date filter the threshold order remains the same but on any field when filtered the order gets changed like <10K, NULL,  >100K, $10K - $100K etc.

Please provide any suggestion? 

Appreciate your help greatly!




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Former Employee
Former Employee

Here are a couple of Design Blog posts that should help:

Actually, just the one link, at the bottom of that post is a link to another post regarding exclusions etc.  I suspect the combination of things should help get you on the right track with things.

If you want direct help, generally it is best to attach QVW file to the thread so folks can check the data model and chart and expressions to be sure they get you the correct code, otherwise bit of a guess as to whether what they offer may work or not...

If you want to search further in the Design Blog area, use the following URL for that:


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May be try this

Sum({1<[Dimension1] = {'Value1'}, Reporting_date = $::Reporting_date>} Spend)