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Creator II
Creator II

Stacked Bar Chart / Show All Values Inside Segments

Hi frieds!

I've got a big problem.

Customers are very demanding on the visualization of their performance. The main requirement is to display values in all segments of the histogram. By default in QlikView values are not displayed in all segments, it depends on size of segment.

To meet the business requirements of visualization, I drew a chart of 3 charts. The result is a chart belowСнимок.PNG.

Cool - But when I set the filter the previous Year - it turns out the gap and the whole concept collapses

Снимок 2.PNG

Is that possible at all? Any ideas?

Please help me to draw 1 chart so that all values are displayed inside segments.

Thanks in Advance.

2 Replies

I don't think it's possible to achieve what your customers demand (to draw the value inside segments, no matter how small the segment is).

Not sure how you've done your current solution, what do you mean with 'a chart of 3 charts'?

Would you mind uploading a small sample QVW?

Specialist II
Specialist II

First, have you selected the "Values on Data Points" for each of the expressions?  In the example you show, there are 6 categories.  In the Chart, you would have 6 expressions. sum(cat1)/sum(all categories), sum(cat2)/sum(all categories)...