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Creator II
Creator II

Start and end date range


Is the any way to give date range to filter data in the report ? I mean, there must be input boxes to take start and end date, ie. 01/Jan/2018 to 31/Jan/2018, or if there are any better provisions to give date ranges as inputs.

Pls. suggest the solution.

Br, Balanandam

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Don't duplicate 2 thread for single problem.

Create 2 Variables like

Var1 = Date(YearStart(Today()), 'DD/MMM/YYYY')

Var2 =Date(MonthEnd(YearStart(Today())), 'DD/MMM/YYYY')

And use 2 variables in Input Box and then create report using Dimension is DateField and Measure is this?

Sum({<DateField = {"$(='>=' & $(Var1) & '<=' & $(Var2))"}>} sales)

And Start using or enter the values from input box and see the report is in dynamic or not?

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Contributor III
Contributor III


Want to create date range for financial year, like
Start date =  01/Apr/2018  and     End date= 31/Mar/2019

Please help

thanks in advance