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Creator II
Creator II

Step requried to change default file name from "QlikView Printing.pdf" to some other name *.pdf

Hello Friends/Forums,

I had created the macro for generation of PDF file of certion object from QVW file by using "PDF-XChange 3.0". Which is working fine.

At present by default the file name is getting as "QlikView Printing.pdf" and from there I move the file in particular folder with different file name

after putting "ActiveDocument.GetApplication.Sleep 2000" which is waste of time. If the PDF is big the I have to give more wait the 2000.

Which is not expectable.

However, My requirment is that, I want to change the default file name suppose as "ABC.pdf" which will be come from

Parameter Variable/Normal Variable.

One more, And same time I want to send the mail with attachment to the related users.

I hope I had able to explain the scenario.

It will be greate if anybody can guide me on the above mention issues

Thanks in Advance


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Did you get the solution ??

If Yes please share the same