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Contributor III
Contributor III

Stop interval trend


Hi  I would appreciate help for below.

Machine NoStop time Start time 
12019-02-26 23:07:232019-02-27 06:11:47
22019-02-26 23:10:182019-02-27 06:28:25
32019-02-26 23:11:262019-02-27 06:32:11
42019-02-26 23:14:162019-02-27 07:01:46
52019-02-26 23:15:072019-02-27 06:29:31
12019-02-27 23:15:292019-02-28 06:30:46
22019-02-27 23:15:492019-02-28 06:31:08
32019-02-27 23:16:262019-02-28 06:30:42
42019-02-27 23:17:272019-02-28 06:28:39
42019-02-28 07:18:212019-02-28 08:31:36
42019-02-28 10:18:302019-02-28 11:29:05
52019-02-27 23:18:422019-02-28 06:35:03
12019-03-01 23:07:232019-03-02 06:11:47
12019-03-02 10:10:232019-03-02 11:10:23
22019-03-01 23:07:232019-03-02 06:11:47
22019-03-02 10:10:232019-03-02 11:10:23
32019-03-01 23:07:232019-03-02 06:11:47
32019-03-02 10:10:232019-03-02 11:10:23
42019-03-01 23:07:232019-03-02 06:11:47
42019-03-02 10:10:232019-03-02 11:10:23
52019-03-01 23:07:232019-03-02 06:11:47
52019-03-02 10:10:232019-03-02 11:10:23


1 ----Need to show the trend by machine, for example, every machine have like the trend of stop and start (here mostly machine stops between 23:00 to 6:00 because there is no shift)
2 ----If you look at machine no 4 it stops between the shifts on 28th Feb but no other machine stops (this is a FALSE STOP because of break down)3 -----On 2nd of march all the machines stops and starts at the same time between shift (this is considered as a TRUE stop because of maintenance)

What I tried
I have calculated interval between stop and start time
have seperated dates and time,
tried class function for time bucket but did not help.

Requirement and condition
1---- My requirement is to show some kind of trend with respect to machine numbers so that the user could visually understand by pattern if it is a TRUE stop or a FALSE stop (it should also have a 10 min threshold for example if machine1 stops at 10:10, and machine 2,and 3 at 10:20 and machine 4 and 5 at 9:55 it should be TRUE as well)
2 -----Can someone help me with logic to achieve this in a table and graph (I was thinking of a bar graph Y-axis would be time from 00:00 to 11:55 and X-axis with Machine number and the stop duration shows in RED and others in Blue, but not able to think of any logic to achieve it)
3 -----Please suggest if there is any better way of visualizing the trend other than the above.


Thanks and Regards

Stay Safe ...

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Former Employee
Former Employee

Best I have is the following Design Blog post that may be along the lines of what you are trying to do, but I am not sure, things were not very clear as to what you actually needed, and I suspect is why others have not answered.

If you can clarify further, that may help get some further responses.  Try to be as clear as possible what you want the end result to look like, and you can clarify that what you provided in the table is the input data...


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