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Creator II
Creator II

Storing expressions in qlikview variables.

Hi All,


May I know what are benefits to store QlikView expressions in variables.

We are planning to create the external file to hold expressions in QlikView ad use those variables in the application.

it would be great if you could share the example for this.



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Creator III
Creator III

start writing the expression in qlikview script variable and store the script as qvs.

you can then use this script in number of application. Some link below for your help...


Contributor III
Contributor III

Hello @kishorj1982,

Storing expressions in variables will help you to use the same expression at multiple locations without writing it. Instead, just put your variable at the place where you want to apply your expression

So, when you know you have long-expression to create for some analysis and that expression is going to be used at multiple places, just create Variable and it will replace with your expression.

For more information:

Hope it will solve your query. If it does, mark the answer as a solution, so that others can understand it too.



Partner - Creator III
Partner - Creator III


 Storing expressions in variable is good practice. Lets assume. you are using same expression in multiple charts then the variable you can use instead of expression everywhere, this will save your time as well as easy to maintain in future if logic needs to change. 

If its in external file then even you dont need to open the QVW file to modify the logic of the expression , you can modify externally without opening application.