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Partner - Creator III
Partner - Creator III

Straight Table Custom style Stripes


I am having some design issue with the straight table.

I am using custom style stripes for my straight table to show every even row in gray and add row in White color. Now my problem is when even I add new dimension or expression this stripes feature is not applying to the newly added field.

someone please help.

I tried work around solution, sometimes that is working and sometimes not. I want straight solution for that. Am i missing anything here?



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Partner - Creator III
Partner - Creator III

Thank you for everyone's reply. special thanks to rwunderlich

I followed everyone's suggestions and finally able to solve my issues.

These are the steps which I followed.

         1. Add new dimension or Expression to straight table         

          2. Go to chart Properties -> Style change Current style from Custom to Light and select stripes for every 1 row.

    • Make sure Cell Borders Transparency is 100%

          3. Click Apply and OK    

          4. Right click on the field header and go to Custom Format Cell ( To see custom format cell enable QV -> View -> Design Grid)    

          5. Change the colors as below

Back ground color: RGB(230,230,230)