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Straight Table Display

Dear Team,

I have a straight table with 200 rows of record. What is the best method to display it page by page or by auto scroll the table ? It's like what we see in the airport the page will changes after certain time to display the different flights

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what do you mean with page by page? I always use it with scroll function and no sizing to data. So my defined layout stays as it is (and should be).

If there is important data to be shown first, I think you should be able to do this with sorting (-expressions).

Hope I understood you right. If not, please give an example or a bit more input.


- PS -

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For example, my straight table got 200 thousands of record. But with the current table size, it only show 50 records and i need to scroll down for more record. I am looking for something can auto scroll down, or show the next 50 automatically and loop back to first page,.

Something like airport departure flight status. There are many flights, but each time the TV might only able to show 30 flights, so the next 30 flight will display after certain time.

I want to do it automatically

Creator II
Creator II

You could use Timer() functionality in VBScript.


The logical steps to accomplish your requirement :

1 - Determine max number of rows that can be shown in your table (let us say 20 rows)

2 - Restrict the dimension to display rows based on some variables (e.g. start, end, 1 to 20 in the first instance)

3 - Update the variable values using timer() functionality (start+20, end+20, you need test if its last page so you may need to reset the variables to the first page i.e start =1 and end = 20).

4 - Straight table will be refreshed periodically!

I hope this helps!


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Sorry. Very new in qlikview. Would you mind to provide me a simple example?

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I am almost there already. What i need to do right now is add the timer and change a variable. then the page will changed.

May i know how do i add the timer and update a variable? thanks