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Subtype Option in Chart

Hi there,

Very quick and eassy question.

I notice that the subtype option (Grouped or Stacked) on the chart properties window (Tab Style) is available with the Bar Chart.

However, it seems that it was not available on a line chart.

I use Qlikview version 8.50.6261.5. Is this option available on another version or planned to be available??

Thanks for your help.

3 Replies

I'm curious, how the stacked line should look like? Maybe there is a way to get what you want.

Champion III
Champion III

I've done a "stacked line chart" before using filled in areas. In my case, I was using different severities of safety incidents, from OSHA recordable (the worst) to near miss (the least bad). It made sense to me to stack these, so that the overall position of each line included everything of that or lower severity. The highest line therefore was ALL safety incidents, rather than just near misses. I believe all I had to do was add each expression to the one that came before it. I can't say for sure because my users decided they wanted a stacked bar chart instead, so I no longer have the example. Should be simple enough, though. Let us know if you need help with the details.


I see John, thanks. Certainly doable, although not as convinient as stacked bars.