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Sum function - even there I have a issue - pls help a dummy

Dear community,

I have some issues that a chart shows me a unexpected result of a sum(x)/sum(y).

Can a bloody rooky ask a to easy question?

QV issue.jpg

I load two tables:

QV - load 1.jpgQV - load 2.jpg

and use


as function to get a gauge chart


Can you pls help me?

11 Replies

Try with distinct keyword for first table like:

=Sum(Sales)/Sum(distinct MarketPotential) 

for Region selection it works. However this is a solution which would not always work, hence not recommended too.

Contributor III
Contributor III

Can you try to Load the 1st table in full but the 2nd table without the Region?

The Region-Country relationship is already defined in the 1st table, and you do not need to load that in the 2nd again.