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Suppress Nulls in pivot table

Hi Everyone,

I need one help from you guys,

I have a  pivot table with the sample data ad below

                         a                         b                    c

Item             Q3     Q4               Q3     Q4          Q3     Q4

aaa               -          -               145     122.1      111     222

bbb               22        -               786     88          123     122

ccc               -          -               -          34          -          22

I need the output like, if we have null values in both Quarters (Q3 and Q4) for  'a' we have to suppress the whole row, we need not to bother whether it is null or not null in 'b' or 'c'.

SO , therefore I need the output showing only one  Item='bbb'.

Please post your answers. Its urgent!!!!

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