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Suppress/remove accents from a text string

Hi Guys,

Does anyone know how to remove accents or diacritics from a text string? For instance, I want the following string áéíóú to appear as aeiou.

I'm ideally looking for a solution that I can employ with set analysis as opposed to on import. Any ideas if there's a similar function to UPPER and LOWER, but for removing accents?

Any insight will be much appreciated.


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Set analysis is creating a different set of field selections in the context of an aggregation function, so you can compare it to making selections, select records. I don't think you can use it to modify data values.

There might be a solution in the front end, but I personally would use a mapping table and mapsubstring in the load script to replace the characters. You can create an additional field in your load, so you can hold both the original and manipulated strings.

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I saw another post with a mapping solution. Looks like that's my best option.

Thanks again,


Contributor III
Contributor III


If you do a mapping:

mapping load * inline [
é, e
è, e
ä, a
ö, o
å, a
ó, o
' ', '.' ]

and in the load:

If(Len(Trim(sn))=0, ' ', mapsubstring('MAP_asci', lower(givenName)) & '.' & mapsubstring('MAP_asci', lower(sn)) & '')  as [Email (from Name/Surname)]

It will work