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Table Box Export to Excel (Direct Discovery)

Hi DD Experts -

We have been playing around with Direct Discovery and found one issue where we are unable to export the table box object (which include dimensions and details) into an Excel file in a useful manner. Two of the option we tried: 1) Send to Excel, 2) Export

1) Send to Excel -> Nothing happened for 3-5 minutes with only 3 rows of data and 15 columns

2) Export -> 1 row came out with only dimension values populated and details missing

Is this a DD limitation? I have saw similar threads, but none of them provide a concrete answer

Direct Discovery limitations

Direct discovery export to Excel

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Hi Sunny,

I don't know an answer but I think that for exporting/sending an object to excel it needs to be re-created within the background. The gui-object in qlikview is different to the object which will be the output - it's quite easily to regocnize by the always missing title or that you couldn't have any pictures transferred and so on. Therefore I could imagine that there are some "settings" not implemented and/or conflicting with the direct discovery especially in the direction of timeouts - but it's only guessing.

If you are not depending on the ajax-client you could try to write the table with a macro - here an example: Re: Export to CSV with quotation marks.

- Marcus


stalwar1‌, I have read somewhere the DD in table box for export to excel doesn't work if you include measures try without measures and check once