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Creator III
Creator III

Table in QlikView Email Alerts


I am trying to create an email alert with a table or a table look-a-like to send the details to the recipient email address. I have successfully created alerts, However, I am having challenges in displaying a list of field values.

For eg.

Location        ID        Date        description        company        comments

Australia      123      22/07/19      hsdbhwbwsdcdccwe       abc.co          testing

Singapore    234      20/07/19      dbdkjbck          xyz.co            test

As you can see, even if i tried to create a similar view using Concat function, I have alignment issues in-spite of using various tricks to get them aligned (I think it has got something to do with the data)

So, is it possible to have a table inside the message of an email alert? 

Preferably, without using macros.

Thank you.

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Partner - Master III
Partner - Master III

I dont believe it is possible to have a table inside email alerts.
You may need to use nprinting to achieve it
Creator III
Creator III


Alright, thank you for the response.