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Creator III
Creator III

To show growth of current year MAT vs previous year MAT in bar chart

Hi All,

I have a max data of Jun 2016 in my Table and have to take the growth comparing current year 12 months vs  previous year 12 months from the max data having for the current year.

Am using Yearmonth as a dimension in Bar chart

and using below given expression:

(Sum({<Yearmonth ={">=$(=date(addmonths(date#(max(Yearmonth ),'MMM-YY'),-11),'MMM-YY')) <=$(=max(Yearmonth ))"}>}NVALUE)


Sum({<Yearmonth ={">=$(=Date(Addmonths(Addyears(Date#(Max(Yearmonth ),'MMM-YY'),-1),-11),'MMM-YY')) <=$(=Date(Addyears(Date#(Max(Yearmonth ),'MMM-YY'),-1),'MMM-YY'))"} >} NVALUE))


(Sum({<Yearmonth ={">=$(=Date(Addmonths(Addyears(Date#(Max(Yearmonth ),'MMM-YY'),-1),-11),'MMM-YY')) <=$(=Date(Addyears(Date#(Max(Yearmonth ),'MMM-YY'),-1),'MMM-YY'))"} >} NVALUE)) 

i wanna to show to the chart like below but in bar chart

Latest 12months.PNG



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Creator III
Creator III

you can achieve by

in expression tab

first expression : sales expression

second expression : growth expression     

in the same tab you may find display options

for first expression check mark bar

for second expression check mark the line


Would you be able to share a sample to see the issue?

Contributor II
Contributor II

Сервис хранения и передачи файлов - FEX.NET

You can get in from link above.

So, I can show growth only for months in  max chosen year, but need to show for all months if it's chosen more than 2 year...


Thank you !

I'm a new user in QV...


Remove this part from your denominator


Contributor II
Contributor II

thank you Sunny,

I removed,

But when want to chose only one year got not very nice picture ... Can we remove figures of growth where not  sales ? thanxCapture.JPG

Contributor II
Contributor II

i got it ))))

thank you again