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Totals in Pivot chart shown as '-'

Hi there!

How's your day so far?

I'm currently facing a little problem using my pivot chart.

I'm pretty sure, that I just forget a small/easy setup but I'm not figuring out my problem.

I've got boards with an evalution.

A board can be installed

A board can be dismounted

A board can be temporarily dismounted

In case my board is installed, has not been dismounted to date, neither is temporarily dismounted (or if it was dismounted, the installation date is in the past already), I'd like to sum up the value of this board.

so: if(installed and notDismounted and notTempDismounted, sum(value))

I'm presenting this data within a pivot chart.

My problem is, that just using the following expression leads to the pivot chart not always showing the totals in case one of the criteria is not true:

if (Installed and NotDismounted and NotTempDismounted,Sum({$<MonthNum={3}>}boardValue))

I'm going to add 2 different outputs.

The interesting fact is, that in one case the totals work (nearly) properly, in the other case it just shows '-' as total.

The calculations of


are just shown in the output for better understanding.

In the real pivot chart they are not shown and are concluded in just one statemend within the calculation of the values sum.

In the end I need a pivot chart that sums up all values of boards that are currently installed.

I hope I've been able to present my problem as understandable as possible and I'm looking forward to your suggestions!

Tanks in advance

best regards!


2 Replies

I just found a workaround for my problem.

Instead of using the set analysis to sum up the values I use the following expression:

sum(if (Installed and NotDismounted and NotTempDismounted and MonthNum=3, boardValue))

Sorry for bothering 😃

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