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Contributor III
Contributor III

Trigger Dynamic update to clear selection based on variable

Hello, does anyone know if it´s possible to have a dynamic trigger to clear selections in a specific field based on a variable, without having to use macro? This is my case:

We have three sheets in the application.

When you open SHEET1, one specific FIELD1 value is selected = VALUE1.

When you open SHEET2, one specific FIELD1 value is selected = VALUE2.

When SHEET3 is opened, we want the selections in FIELD1 to be cleared if you come from SHEET2, but if you come from SHEET1, the VALUE1 should still be selected in FIELD1.

I´m thinking a variable (let´s call this vVARIABLE1) that is set to 1 if you open SHEET2 and set to 0 if you open SHEET1. Then an if-statement in a trigger when you open SHEET3 that says something like:

If($(vVARIABLE1)=1,"Clear Selections in" FIELD1)

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