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Contributor III
Contributor III


Hi have a table where i am using URL tag to route the users to check for  the details in webpage

now my requirement is

my beside of my ticket id i wan to show an image consistent across all the tickets which will route the users to the link .

commurlping.png !


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That's not possible. You can have a link or an image, but not an image that's a link. A column can have only one representation type. Perhaps you can use a character instead of an arrow.

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Contributor III
Contributor III

i am ok the play character ,can you please send me qvw with the suggestion solution

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It might help you... good luck dude


As Gysbert, Suggestion - I need to add one thing.

Try Expression Tab - Choose Image under Display Options(Representation) and then change the Wrap Cell text height from Presentation tab bottom right side.

If the path is correct or else you can't show.

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