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Unable to open a folder location on Button Click from Dashboard

Hi All, I have a dashboard where in i have provided a functionality to user, when the button is clicked a folder location on server where the dashboard is hosted should open.

Being the developer, it is working fine on my system but when user tries, it throws error that it can not find. Make sure path or internet address is correct.  I have also attached the screenshot and the path i am using is:  \\xlcqlik\Enterprise_Shared_Services\Enterprise_Shared_Services_Public\PublishedDocs\Knowledge Grid\Global Specialty\

Can anyone please help me out here..?






3 Replies
Creator III
Creator III

can you try relative path from your qvw? I am not very sure it will work though

Specialist II
Specialist II

Please use relative path and also ensure that the Folder structure in Server is same as you have on Desktop



I believe you are using the Open URL action of External actions on the Button object, and if that is the case, that is the issue, the \'s are being converted to /'s because we are expecting a URL, not a UNC path.  The one workaround I see here if you have the ability to add something to the web server would be to add a virtual directory in the web server that points to the UNC path you want and that way you can actually use a URL instead of the UNC path, that should work I believe.  

The other option might be the Launch action instead, and call Windows Explorer, that should be in the same location on the user machines I would expect such that I think that might work and then set the parameter as the UNC path, that might work as well.  


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