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Creator II
Creator II

Urgent : Omit rows when values are null is not working on access point but working on desktop

Hi Team,


I am facing below issue in my application.

I have used table box object to show few dims, and I have checked the box "Omit the rows when values are null"

It is strange that rows are getting omit in my desktop app but when i move this app on access point the rows are still showing with null.



Please help asap.

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Support (Former)
Support (Former)

Mahamed, is your Desktop Client version the same version the QlikView Server is running?  That is the first thing I would confirm in this case.  The other thing I would try is clearing the client web browser cache as well to be sure something is not hung up there.  Those are about the only two things off the top of my head to try.  If you can replicate things and you are current on maintenance, I would recommend opening a support case, so we can look into things further.  Oh, if you are not on the most current Service Release of the version you are running, that is the other thing I would recommend trying as well if you can:

11.20.13804 SR19

12.10.20900 SR11

12.20.21000 SR9

12.30.20300 SR3

12.40.20100 SR1


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