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Contributor III
Contributor III

User Input Fields: Dont want them to update

Hello There!

I have a report that uses Manual User entry field through Access Point. Basically, users update this field to count certain SKUs and input them against the actual number that comes from the database. 

Here is the problem- I dont want this field to be wiped every time the report is refreshed. But I want it to be wiped clean once every 24 hours. Its almost like having two refresh cycles- 1) Refresh cycle set to 15 minutes for all the database fields 2) Refresh cycle set to 24 hours for this user entry field. 

Is this possible? Or am I explaining the need here? 

Let me know please! Thanks for your time.


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Former Employee
Former Employee

Per the Help link below, the Input Field(s) should retain values between reloads, so it would seem we either have a bug in play here, or you are doing something else in the load script that is resetting the field would appear to be the only two options of which I can think.

If after having reviewed the Help, you believe things are not working as documented, I would recommend opening a support case and attaching an example app we can use to try to replicate the issue in one of our environments.  Hope this helps move you forward at this point.


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