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Using 2 fields (on different table ) to make calculation.

Hello everyone ,

I was wondering by what could be the right process or method to solve this case :

As attached you'll the see the data model I've been working with.

The stock table contains the product name , code and quantity. the PR table contains the prices of each of these products.

These tables are Photos that will give us the situation of the data as soon as we reload. We reload every monday.

For many reasons (it will be too long to explain) I don't want to join the PR table and Stock table.

So icreated a tab chart wich give the right results (sum (Qty) * price , reference  as dimension) . This tab chart works fine.

Then , I'd like to create a pie chart , that show the total amount of stock value by date of reload. I can't really figure out what would be the correct expression.

So to create this pie chart , I'll use 'date of photo' , and as expression I tried aggr() function , but no success.

How can we solve this thing ?

I don't know if my explanations are ok to understand, don't hesitate to write back for further explanation.

Wish you all the best,


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