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Values for current year quarter and previous year quarter in straight table

Hi All,

I have Year and Month in my data so, I have calculated yearquarter and previous yearquarter like below in script,

If(Ceil(Month/3)=0,Year&4,Year&Ceil(Month/3)) As YearQrtr
If((Ceil(Month/3)-1)=0,Year-1&4,Year&Ceil(Month/3)-1) As PrevYearQrtr

now, my requirement is when I select year 2019 and for that only Q1 data is available then in table it should show 

values for 20184 and 20191 columns respectively.Likewise, If I select 2018 and Q4 then it should show 20183 and 20184 values.

so, in variables i have taken each field for prevyearqtr and currentqtr and expression is like,

sum({<YearQrtr={'$(currentqtr )'}>}sales)

but, they are giving same values for both current and prev.

Could any one suggest on this.


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Why don't you try just this for the current qtr


and may be this for previous qtr

Sum({<YearQrtr = P(PrevYearQrtr), PrevYearQrtr>} sales)

I am selecting values from year and Quarter filters. I dont have selection on YearQuarter field.
for this expression , Sum({<YearQrtr = P(PrevYearQrtr), PrevYearQrtr>} sales)
if, I select value from YearQrtr field it gives correct value but not on separate year and quarter selection

Try this in that case

 Sum({<YearQrtr = P(PrevYearQrtr), PrevYearQrtr, Year, Quarter>} sales)

Basically, ignore selections in all year and quarter fields and let YearQrtr drive your result