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Contributor III
Contributor III

Visual cue depending on variable selected

Hi guys - tricky one here.  I have a straight table and need to show, visually, whether a particular exam (CP_ExamCombined) has shown a week on week improvement in the number of days a patient has had to wait.  However...it will only be a deterioration if the number of days waiting (CP_DaysWaiting) is over 14 days. 

So, if you refer to the attachment of the table I've produced...the exam called FBASW has shown a first week deterioration of 5 i.e. 5 more FBASW exams were shown as waiting over 14 days.  The second week has shown another deterioration of 3 i.e. another 3 exams have been waiting over 14 weeks.  This is clearly a week on week deterioration.

So - as the table stands, it looks good - it shows what I want it to show.

HOWEVER...if I change the days waiting slider to show all exams waiting LESS than 14 days, my colour coding / visual cues no longer make any sense.  More exams waiting less than 14 days on a week on week basis should therefore show as GREEN i..e an improvement!

How can I build some sort of logic into this table so it recognises that if I'm looking at exams over 14 days waiting, then a week on week addition is BAD.  If I'm looking at exams less than 14 days waiting, then a week on week addition is GOOD.

Appreciate it's a tricky one to get your head round, but hoping there is a way of changing the tables visual cues depending on whether I'm looking at over 14 days or less than 14 days.

Many thanks guys!  Kind regards

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Support (Former)
Support (Former)

Best I can offer is following base Design Blog link, hundreds of how-to related posts from our internal experts there, not sure which one(s) are applicable in your case, so going to let you search around yourself, but hopefully you can find something that will help with your use case.  My post will also kick things back up to the top, so someone else may have another look and have other ideas for you too.



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Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

If you are using the Visual Cues tab, you cannot use conditional logic such as you describe.  However, if instead you use the Background Color property of the Expression, you can code an if() statement as complex as you need.