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What is difference b/w Dimensions & Fact Table in qlikview?

Please Explain.

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Fact Table contains measures on which we can do further calculations to get analysis.

Dimensions are simply fields for which we are doing analysis on measure...
Kindly read below blog to get clarity...



Hi Ramesh,

           As per my knowledge in simple words

--> combination of some Dimensions values get into Fact Tables

-->Always Fact table data or Rows are more than Dimension table.

-->we will create fact table columns from different dimension tables.like

fact_Reservation Table

Book_date from Dim1.Book_Date

sales  from Dim2.Sales

cost   from Dim3.Cost(Here Dim3 is Dimension name and Cost is Column Name)

i hope it is helpful to you.

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Hi Ramesh,

What is a Dimension or a dimension Table

In Data warehousing, dimension table contains the textual or descriptive attribute of the data.

For example, Customer dimension will contain details about customer’s name,address,phone number etc.

Dimensions are used to slice and dice the data i.e. filter and group the data.Dimension table also help you by looking at data with “By” attribute i.e. say if the Total sales of the company is $1 Million then using Customer dimension you can look at the Total sales “By” Customer or “By” Time. A dimension table has a primary key column also called Dimension ID/Dim Id that uniquely identifies each dimension row. The dimension table is associated with a fact table using this key.

What is a Fact Table

Fact Table contains the measurable attribute of the data. It contains measurable data that can be analyzed by Dimension tables. Fact tables contain the foreign keys of the associated Dimension tables.



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Checkout this write up on dimensional modeling by Ralph Kimball: