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Where in an expression

Qlikview is new to me and am struggling with this:

I have 3 charts running from the same bit of script, each chart shows a sum of a count by a different category.

For example I want the first chart to show Where product='CARS'

                    The second to show Where product='PLANES' etc. 

I don't want to change my script by putting in a Where statement.

I have tried conditional and Calculation condition and neither has worked.  Although this might be how I have written the condition.

Can anyone help?

It seems like it should be straight forward but I am struggling to find the answer.

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That is Set Analysis.

Change your expression on the chart something like

SUM({$<product={"CARS"}>} Sales)

Here is a video from @Michael Tarallo

A Beginners' Introduction to Set Analysis

Creator II
Creator II

where condition can be written in expression with the help of set analysis.


In ur expression : sum({<Product={'CARS'}>}Sales) 

and in the other chart


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Thank you that is great and much appreciated