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Unusual request here. Due to PCI compliance requirements, I am seeking a solution to allow staff to write call back notes on a loop input box, that they can then loop up to call back with a short memo next to it. This should only be in a buffer and not stored away anywhere - so that teh records are clean with each agent who uses the desktop afterwards. But - here is the trick, I seek to have the buffer still available if they shut down QV alone.

So : I need to call you back at 3pm and I take the note saying so and why.

I later open up my to do list and it can be call back up to 30ish names. All there and easy to see. When I log off NT it all goes away because the next staff member on shift uses my desk and should not see any of my records of call. And it would be a web based solution for staff, so I can only think of a macro with a for loop allowing a concat to list solution....?? But I cannot find such a solution.

Maybe not as hard as I think but I am stumped. [^o)] Any help out there would be appreciated greatly!



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looks like I have had no success with this on the forum. I have just stored it away in the local drive when the macro is run and drawn it in when the second macro is run.

Shame really - I would have prefered not to have had to create an excel sheet just to do this, but seems that the variable would be lost each time the application was closed on the web browser and storing the data out was the only work around.

Hopefully someone has a better solution, but if you have a simillar issue, this looks like the only answer.