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Creator II
Creator II

Why would a page be slow to load


I have a qlikview document and hidetab row is ticked.  One particular sheet takes 20 seconds to load.  There are 5 triggers when opening the sheet. Could this be a reason why the sheet is taking a long time to show to the end user?  Or is anyone has any other suggestions, that would be great

Kind Regards


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Hi Helen

You have already excluded external factors, such as your network etc as the other pages are loading fine.

It is likely to be one of two things - either it is the triggers, but that depends on what they do. If you recreate manually what the triggers do (eg make the same selections change variables etc) does it take the same amount of time.

The other likely explanation is that there is an object on the page that is taking a lot of memory to calculate. You can find out, in QlikView how much memory each object takes to calculate. If you go into the sheet settings, click on the "objects" tab to bring up the list of objects. This will list details about all the objects on the sheet. "calctime" and secondly "memory" are the figures you should be interested in.

Use these stats to work out which object(s) are taking the most time- then work on getting those optimised in some way.