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Wondering if Qlik can do this....

Hi, I am grabbing data from different places and need to know if Qlik can display the data the way I want.

Below is the data I am importing to qlik.

Excel Example.PNG

After imported into qlik, I have made a table visualizing the data with a couple filters.

Qlik test.PNG

Looks great, but now I want to select a "Market" and filter only companies in that market, but be able to view all data associated with the company.

Filter Test.PNG

This is where my question is. When I filter "Industrial" I cannot see the other data that is associated with that company in the industrial market. I understand that when I "Click" on the company and remove the "Industrial" filter, I am able to see the other data. This is a step I am looking to avoid for many reasons.

Below is an example of what I would like to see when I filter "Industrial."

Finished product.PNG

Is there a way to configure Qlik to make this a reality? Thanks

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Specialist II
Specialist II


can you please post your raw data/the file you imported or a sample of it?


André Gomes

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I did, it's the first picture. That's the excel file that I imported. Thanks

Creator II
Creator II

Probably best to change your data model.

If you have 3 tables it will link up the way you want.

1. Company & Profit

2. Company & Event & Date

3. Company & Market

(slight change - didn't realise Event and Date could be combined)

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CJ Kenny,

Thanks that does make sense, but when you have 20 different columns and 11k rows of data it won't work. I am not going to create 20 different tables to visualize the data.

Contributor II
Contributor II


What you can do is a loop to go through the columns and concatenate your information.

As a result you will have a "true" flat table like this

Company     |     Profi     |     Event

a                         250             Baseball 

b                         30               Soccer

c                         0                Soccer

Hope that will help

Creator II
Creator II

True... but better to build a decent data model now at the beginning.