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YTD Month Names Selection

Dear All,

I need your help. It seems to be simple issue but becomes critical. I have attached two screenshots.  My financial year values ranges from April - March.

E.g.  We are in  November so I want the month from April -- October will be highlighted/selected by default  when the sheet is  loading . Please review the second screenshots

Can someone please help?

Kind Regards

Waqas Shah






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Try like this in OnOpen Trigger -> select in field

Field: Month
Search string:
='('&Concat(Aggr(Only({<Date={'<$(=Date(Monthstart(Today())))'}>}Month),Month),'|', Month)&')'

Change the expression based on your fiscal date field and fiscal month field
Hope it helps.
Thanks & Regards,
Mayil Vahanan R

Dear Mayilvahanan ,

Many thanks for your reply.  I have tried using your code by replacing with my requirements. Please review the following code

Field: Month : YOYMonthNames

='('&Concat(Aggr(Only({<Date={'<$(=Date(Monthstart(Today())))'}>}YOYMonthNames),YOYMonthNames),'|', YOYMonthNames)&')'

  Please note my field YOYmonthNames is returning me the month names already. Your code highlight all the months in the list box.


I have used your code in the text box and in the listbox and all the months were displayed but in different order.  Basically I want the months highlighted will be from April  until October.  Thanks in advance for ur help.

Please  have a look on the latest screenshot.



Kind Regards

Waqas Shah