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Your thoughts on MS Office Integration

I would like to get peoples opinion on the use of the Microsoft Office integration functionality. I am thinking of using it to put charts and tables into a Power Point presentation but the little bit of experimentation I have done so far I have found the functionality hard to work with, very quirky and unstable. I would like to get others thoughts and opinions on the subject before I invest to much more time and effort on it. My ultimate goal is to be able to print out the presentation. The dynamic functionality only works in Slide Show mode but I cant print from Slide Show mode. I have also found that strange things happen when I switch back to edit mode after viewing in slide show.

Any and all thought and opinions are welcome on this subject.



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If you refer to copy and paste objects directly in MS Office and get their working like if you were in QlikView (Associative experience) then it works as expected but just in Office 2010 and backwards. You can build a mini-app or some kind of dynamic report in word, excel, powerpoint (in powerpoint the objects become usable until you go full screen).

The problem comes when using Office 2013. The interaction in this case is very buggy, for example you cannot erase objects when working with Office 2013. I also couldn't never get to work in PowerPoint.

My thoughts are that something changed in Office 2013 that doesn't allow QlikView and Office interact as in other versions, so if you want to use this feature you better install a previous version of Office or wait until this issue is fixed,


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Jaime... Thanks for the info. I should have mentioned that my company is way behind on technology and we are running MS Office 2007 !!! Any thoughts on how QV 11.2 works with PowerPoint 2007?


I've only succesfully tested this feature with MS Office 2010 and QV 11.2 SR 7 (should work in S8 too). You can try yourself following the steps of this video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=MVlihGI7CXU

I've read that this feature is available since QV 10 (somewhere I read it was available in QV 9 also). But again, the problem has to do with the connection in MS side (it has to do with the OCX interaction).

My conclusion is that it should work with QV 11.2 installed, but if you can't do what appears in the video, then the problem is the version compatibility between office 2007 and QV 11.2