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Contributor II
Contributor II

add picture in the App


I copy pictures in the folder in my PC: Documents - Qlik - Sense - Apps.

But when I go to the my App in Qlik sense and click on Thumbnail for adding picture Qlik don't see my pictures.

Does anybody know what is the reason?

Example of my picture is bellow.

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Are you talking about view / sense? You can directly Use the link where the images stored in?

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Master II
Master II

You need to move this image into Qlik Sense Server folder  , not your local folder.

Local Qlik Sense folder is only for Qlik Sense Desktop.

Server Location: C:\ProgramData\Qlik\Sense\Repository\DefaultContent\DefaultMediaLibrary

Or you can upload the images from QMC too using 'Content Library' section on left side

Content Library(left side in QMC section)> Contents (right side inside Content library)> Upload (bottom)

Contributor II
Contributor II

Thank you a lot! Yes it works!!! I put my picture in location you said :-))))

Master II
Master II

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