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background color of a dimension


I have this issue to show background color of a dimension based off value in another dimension. I have attached a sample file and hope it helps to explain my issue. The issue is that since I don't have rating in August for one project, so even it is a business only project (with value of 1 in Business column), the background color of Project doesn't get picked up and there's no highlight. Can anyone help on this case? Please feel free to ask if my statement above is not clear enough. Thank you in advance!

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Thank you for everyone's help! I talked with my manager regarding this issue and he told me that business folks actually have some updates on their requirement so we no longer need to display a project that is not active so we should be all set by hiding these that don't have a rating for most recent month. Therefore, I am closing this case. It is good to know about the macro approach and other options everyone provided I am sure I will leverage these options in the future for other enhancements. Thank you for all your input and time and effort spent on this issue.