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Contributor III
Contributor III

bar chart showing null dimensions


so i have  a bar chart which is showing me items that are null:




so the 2 items that ive circled shouldnt be there.  when i change this bar chart into a straight table they dont appear.  also i have "suppressed when null" for both dimensions.  any ideas how to get rid of these?

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Creator III
Creator III

Sometimes, it is impossible to hide certain null/zero values in a bar chart. I believe this is the case when:

1. (requires multiple expressions) an expression has a result for dimension value A, but not for value B, but another expression has a result for dimension value B. For example:


2.  (requires multiple dimensions) a dimension does not contain every value of the dimension below it AND there is at least 1 expression result for the sub dimension in another dimension on the same level.

For example, Year is dimension 1 and Month is dimension 2, but we only have data from 1-6-2018 to 1-6-2019. This means that there isn't a combination of April + 2018 or November + 2019 in our data set, but because all the month values exist it will still show all months for both years (as long as the month has an expression result in at least 1 year).


If either of these things is happening in your chart, I'm afraid it's not possible to remove the empty spaces unless you use some next level wizardry that I'm not aware of.

Hope that makes sense. If this doesn't help you, let me know and I'll try to think of another cause.


Natasha, have a look at the following Design Blog post and note at the bottom of the post there is a link to a pdf whitepaper as well in that post that may also be useful to further explain the behavior of things.


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