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bookmark selecting multiple values unnecessarily


I have one scenario as follows

i have two unrelated field namely 'dim' and 'value'. based on one field that is 'dim', i am selecting particular value in other field  that is 'value' using onanyselect trigger. it works fine when i directly select any value from dim. but when i create bookmark it selects multiple values in value field.

for example i codeed such a way that on selecting dim, from value field '1' should be selected. it works fine when i manually do that. but when i create bookmark and apply it. it selects 1,11,10,111 values. can you please show me a way to select only '1'.

i have attached sample qlik file for reference.

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What exactly is the bookmark doing?


when i create bookmark i am selecting any value in column Dim. and according to my code it is selecting value '1' in value column. which is correct. when i clear everything and then apply the bookmark ideally what i should get is same value selected in dim column. and value'1' from value column instead  it selects all values which starts by 1. i have attached two screenshots of result please refer it.