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combo chart for more than one dimension

Can we get a combo chart for more than one dimension in one single graph through QlikView, so I can have one field shown as line chart and another field shown as bar chart on one graph, just like what can be done in excel. Thanks.

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Master II
Master II

Yes you can. The following is taken from the help:

Combo Chart


Charts are graphical representations of numerical data. It is possible to switch between different representations of an existing chart, by changing the Chart Type in the Chart Properties: General page.

The combo chart allows you to combine the features of the bar chart with those of the line chart: you can show the values of one expression as bars while displaying those of another expression as a line or symbols.

The easiest way to create a combo chart is to click the Create Chart button in the toolbar.

By a right-click on the combo chart the Combo Chart: Object Menu will be displayed. It can also be accessed from the Object menu, when the combo chart is the active object


I suggest you to use Adhoc Reports like

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